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William Dugoni Lifetime Achievement Award

Jeff Wong, PharmD.CDE receiving his William Dugoni Lifetime Achievement Award at SMCPhA 2014 Installation Dinner

2013 Pharmacist of the Year 
Henry Truong, PharmD.,MHA awarded 2013 Pharmacist of the Year Award.
2013 Technician of the Year
Pharmacy Tech Rebecca Hom awarded 2013 Pharm Tech of the Year


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Once again, thank you to many of you who carpooled to Sacramento on March 5th for the 2014 CALIFORNIA PHARMACY LEGISLATIVE DAY.

A special thank you to our local Chapter Advisors and Board Members Rosalie McIroy, Chet Yee, Victor Moye, Bob Schiedtmann, Anne Fisher, Drew Donovan, and Bill Becker.

The Legislative Day was co-sponsored by California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and the California Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP).  The morning speakers included the spokespersons for the CPhA, and CSHP, the Director of the California Board of Pharmacy  Virginia Harold, and Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla.

We learned that the FDA is working on national regulations for sterile compounding pharmacies (including yearly inspections).  We also learned that a crushable hydrocodone medication has  come out this week  that will probably be highly  abused and  sought after  by addicts.

 In the afternoon, we talked to   the staff members of 4 legislators, including Assemblymen Rich Gordon and Kevin Mullin, Senators Leland Yee and  Jerry Hill. Three  leaders of CSHP were with our group. 

 We talked about the following topics:

  1. 1.       Thanking them for making  SB493  a law. Pharmacists will be able to  write rxs for travel meds, smoking cessation products,  certain hormones, perform immunizations under certain protocols and certification, and order and interpret tests that measure efficiency of drug therapies.
  2. 2.       The  modernization of Title  22  regulations  that now  restrict the use of pharmacy technicians in  hospitals.
  3. 3.       The proposed change of Naloxone to an OTC status in California... This will  stop an overdose of opioids  and save lives. It  is  doing  this in San Francisco right now.
  4. 4.       AB 2418 - This bill, by  Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla would  more easily allow patients to opt out of a mandatory mail order program  and get the rxs from  a community pharmacy. It would also allow early refills for eye  medications.
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March 20, 2014: Stable Ischemic Heart Disease in Older Adults. Speaker: Sam Suri, MD

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